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    Château et Parc classés Monuments Historiques
    en Aquitaine près de Bordeaux.

Located near Bordeaux, the Castle, property of the kings henri IV of France and the Queen Margot is entirely furnished with period furniture. It is open to visitors and to any type of events, along with its park, in a very good state of conservation.


Property of Henri IV, this Royal Castle has a great history and an outstanding architecture

The Royal Castle of Cazeneuve from the XIIIth and XVIIth centuries and its magnificent Park wooded with rares and tercentenaries essences are rated Monuments Historiques and Natura 2000.

The Royal Castle of Cazeneuve is located in close to Bordeaux, between the forest “ des Landes” and the Ocean, along the famous Gorges du Ciron.

In the lower yard of the castle, there are the medieval cellars where are aging some of the most prestigious Bordeaux wines, and the troglodyte caves. 

This old medieval fortress leaned against a primitive motte founded by the d'Albret family at the IXth century. It was extended at the XIVth century to edify an entire "town" and make it their favorite residence, The beautiful architecture that you can see today is from the XVIIth century, the Renaissance.

The Castle looks like an irregular polygon, built overhanging the Gorges du Ciron, surrounded by moats, defended by two towers and encloses within its walls a large main courtyard.

 Many illustrious Monarchs have also frequented this castle :

- Edward I of England, accompanied by his wife Aliénor de Castille in 1287

- Louis XIII during his trip to Pau to sign the Edit of Annexation in 1620

- Louis XIV on his way to marry the Infanta of Spain, Marie-Thérèse in Saint-Jean-de Luz, also stopped there.


The Castle of Cazeneuve is still inhabited by the same Ducal family, the Sabran-Pontevès.

The Castle and its Park are turned towards Tourism, Visit and Receptions. It’s a great place near Bordeaux.